MY.UA Services

MY.UA is a news aggregator that provides an informational picture of Ukraine and the World.

The news feed is formed from materials from partner publications that publish news, analytical, and entertainment content.

The selection and distribution of materials are carried out using artificial intelligence. An adaptive algorithm provides the user with content relevant to him, tracking and analyzing preferences.

MY.UA supports additional services — currency converter, TV program, weather, horoscope and radio, work, reviews — which create a unique information space for the user’s convenience.



TOP.MY.UA — rating of current and popular news of the Internet media.

News is displayed in our rating according to their popularity among the site’s audience.

You can view the feed per hour, per day, or week, as well as select specific topics and get a selection of news on them.

The «Picture of the Day» block is formed according to the most relevant news for the last 24 hours in chronological order.

By clicking on the title you will be taken to the full text of the news on the website of the publication.



Technology stack:

  • python (AioHttp)
  • php
  • Databases (Postgresql, MongoDB, Redis)
  • RabbitMQ
  • Search engine (ElasticSearch)
  • Microservise architecture
  • AWS
  • Web scrapping (using python)
  • ReactJS, NextJS, Webpack
  • Deep Lerning
  • Work with external API services

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